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What is was born with the aim of analyzing the bitcointalk thread related to the coin public and accessible in order to retrieve all main and "soft" information about the coin and the main criticisms.

This analysis is useful for finding out the intent of a particular coin.

Most projects with malicious intent do not actively respond to the thread.

Check out all the principal information about Version for free.

Do not take these analyses as financial advice or investment.

Do your research and invest at your own risk.

Checkout the Version(V) Thread Analysis

BitcoinTalk Thread

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V Version V PoS Personal Storage Vault v

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25 June 2015 08:49:50

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89 (15.98%)

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6 (1.08%)

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39 (7.0%)

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134 (24.06%)

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43 (7.72%)

Hero Member users

207 (37.16%)

Legendary users

39 (7.0%)

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